Question: Is 3/7 Terminating Or Repeating?

Is 3.3 Repeating a terminating decimal?

3.3 has 2 digits, so is a terminating decimal.

Greg is correct.

A terminating or repeating decimal is a rational number..

Is 2/5 a repeating or terminating decimal?

If the prime factorization of the denominator of a fraction has only factors of 2 and factors of 5, the decimal expression terminates. If there is any prime factor in the denominator other than 2 or 5, then the decimal expression repeats.

What is 3/7 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

3/7 = 0.4285714286. The hundredth place is 2 places to the right of the decimal.

What is 3/6 the same as?

Two fractions are equivalent if they represent the same decimal number. For example, the three previous fractions represent the same decimal: 0.5. 1/2 is 1 between 2, which is 0.5. 3/6 is 3 between 6, which is 0.5.

What is 3/7 in a decimal?

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Tablesfraction = decimal1/6 = 0.165/6 = 0.831/7 = 0.1428572/7 = 0.2857143/7 = 0.4285715/7 = 0.7142856/7 = 0.8571421/8 = 0.1253/8 = 0.3755/8 = 0.62519 more rows

Is 0.75 a terminating decimal?

Solution. Step 2: We find that on long division 34=0.75 which is a terminating decimal.

What is the lowest term of 3 and 7?

Reduce 3/7 to lowest termsFind the GCD (or HCF) of numerator and denominator. GCD of 3 and 7 is 1.3 ÷ 17 ÷ 1.Reduced fraction: 37. Therefore, 3/7 simplified to lowest terms is 3/7.

What is 3/7 as a fraction?

Decimal to fraction conversion tableDecimalFraction0.428571433/70.444444444/90.51/20.555555555/945 more rows

Is 42 80 terminating or repeating?

42/80 is equal to 0.525 in decimal form. Use our fraction to decimal calculator to convert any fraction to a decimal and to know if it is a terminating or a recurring (repeating) decimal.

What is the opposite of 3 7?

7/3 is the reciprocal of 3/7.

What is 3/7 as a percentage?

42.857143%Fraction to percent conversion tableFractionPercent1/714.285714%2/728.571429%3/742.857143%4/757.142858%41 more rows

Is 5’9 terminating or repeating?

The decimal equivalent of 5/9 is a terminating decimal.

What is the simplified form of 7 3?

73 is already in the simplest form. It can be written as 2.333333 in decimal form (rounded to 6 decimal places).

Is 3/8 a terminating or repeating decimal?

Answer. A terminating decimal is a decimal that ends. It’s a decimal with a finite number of digits. 3/8 has terminating decimal expansion because when we divide it we get 0.375.