Quick Answer: What Is The Decimal Expansion Of 3 4?

What is 1/6 as a decimal rounded to 3 decimal places?

0.16666Answer: 1/6 or 0.16666…

can be written rounding off to three decimal digits such as: (rounding off to three decimal digits).

Is 3/7 terminating or repeating?

(You may want to check the form your instructor likes). 37 expressed as a decimal fraction is a repeating decimal with a fairly long (7 digit) pattern before repeating (you can verify this by long division.

What is the decimal expansion of 3 11?

answer is 0.27 bar (bar means there is a bar above 0.27 which means ths 27 is repeating like 0.272727……)

Does 30 have a decimal expansion?

Yes, because every number has a decimal expansion.

What is the decimal expansion of 5 7?

0.714285714Answer: 0.714285714……. is the decimal expansion of 5/7 and it is a non terminating, and repeating decimal expansion.

What are the types of decimal expansion?

A rational number can have two types of decimal representations (expansions): Terminating. Non-terminating but repeating.

What is the decimal expansion of 36 100?

Solution: (i)36/100 = 0.36 and it is terminating.

What is the decimal expansion of the following?

As usual, the repeating portion of a decimal expansion is conventionally denoted with a vinculum. (mod 2, 5). Therefore, the numbers with finite decimal expansions are fractions of this form….Decimal Expansion.periodprimes873, 13793336671090911121649, 51323916 more rows

Is 2/5 a repeating or terminating decimal?

If the prime factorization of the denominator of a fraction has only factors of 2 and factors of 5, the decimal expression terminates. If there is any prime factor in the denominator other than 2 or 5, then the decimal expression repeats.

What is the decimal expansion of 5 6?


What is the decimal expansion of 10 by 3?

3.3333for 10/3 = 3.3333…

What is 2 divided by 3 as a decimal?

1.666Explanation: Divide 3 by 2 to convert 2/3 in decimal form. The quotient on dividing 3 by 2 will be 1.666… So, the decimal form of 2/3 is non-terminating and recurring decimal number 1.666…

Does E have a repeating decimal expansion?

All real numbers which have a finite, or even a repeating, decimal representation, can be expressed as the ratio of two integers. Therefore, e must have an infinite, non-repeating decimal representation.

What is the decimal expansion of 1 6?

The Decimal Expansion of All Fractions (1/d) from 1/2 through 1/70FractionExact Decimal Equivalent or Repeating Decimal Expansion1 / 40.251 / 50.21 / 60.166666666666666666 ( 1/2 times 1/3)1 / 70.142857142857142857 (6 repeating digits)69 more rows