Quick Answer: Which Is An Example Of Mixed Number?

What is 11 5 as a mixed number?

How do you write 11 5 as a mixed number?11/5 already reduced (simplified) Improper fraction, rewrite it as a mixed number: 11 ÷ 5 = 2 and remainder = 1 => 11/5 = (2 × 5 + 1)/5 = 2 + 1/5 = 2 1/5Feb 29 06:16 UTC (GMT)16/4,134 = (16 ÷ 2)/(4,134 ÷ 2) = 8/2,067Feb 29 06:16 UTC (GMT)1 more row•May 4, 2020.

How do you turn a mixed number into a whole number?

When you need to convert a mixed number into a whole number followed by a decimal, simply keep the whole number, then perform the division indicated by the fraction to figure out what goes to the right of the decimal point.

How do you simplify a whole number?

Divide the numerator by the denominator. Write the result as the whole number. Write any remainder as the numerator of the fraction. The denominator stays the same.

What are mixed numbers?

What is a mixed number? A mixed number is a number consisting of a whole number and a proper fraction.

What is 7 3 as a mixed number?

The answer is 2 1/3.

What is 7/2 as a mixed number?

How do you convert 7/2 into a mixed number? Divide 2 into 7. You get 3 with a remainder of 1. 3 is the whole number of the mixed number, 1 is the numerator of the fraction, and 2 is the denominator.

What is 3/4 as a mixed number?

Basic Math Examples Since 34 is a proper fraction, it cannot be written as a mixed number.

What is 13 6 as a mixed number?

Algebra Examples Multiply the newest quotient digit (2) by the divisor 6 . Subtract 12 from 13 . The result of division of 136 is 2 with a remainder of 1 .

What is the mixed number of 7 5?

Algebra Examples Multiply the newest quotient digit (1) by the divisor 5 . Subtract 5 from 7 . The result of division of 75 is 1 with a remainder of 2 .

What is 7/4 as a mixed number?

7/4=(4+3)/4=4/4+3/4=1+3/4=1 3/4. Answer: 7/4 is as a mixed number 1 3/4.

How do you simplify a mixed number?

Simplifying mixed numbers Find the highest common factor (HCF) of numerator and denominator of the fraction part. Divide both the numerator and the denominator by HCF. The whole number part will remain the same. Example 1: Simplify the mixed number 2915 .

What is 1.48 repeating as a mixed number?

Answer Expert Verified To first change the decimal to a fraction, put it over 1: 1.48/1. Then multiply both numerator and denominator by 100, because there are two digits after the decimal point. Then simply the fraction: 148/100 : 37/25. This gives you 1 and 12/25 as a mixed number.

How do u turn a fraction into a mixed number?

To convert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction, follow these steps:Divide the numerator by the denominator.Write down the whole number answer.Then write down any remainder above the denominator.

What is the mixed number of 5 2?

5/2 is an improper fraction that is equivalent to 2 1/2.

What is mixed fraction with example?

A fraction represented with its quotient and remainder is a mixed fraction. For example, 2 1/3 is a mixed fraction, where 2 is the quotient, 1 is the remainder. So, a mixed fraction is a combination of a whole number and a proper fraction.

What is 9 4 as a mixed number?

Third, recycle the denominator from the original improper fraction, or 4. Here, rewriting the improper fraction 9/4 as a mixed number gives us 9/4 = 2 ¼.

How do you write 3 2 as a mixed number?

This is the number above the fraction line. For 3/2, the numerator is 3. Denominator. This is the number below the fraction line….Now let’s go through the steps needed to convert 3/2 to a mixed number.Step 1: Find the whole number. … Step 2: Get the new numerator. … Step 3: Our mixed fraction. … Step 4: Simplifying our fraction.

What is a mixed answer?

Sometimes known as mixed fractions, mixed numbers are the ending result of a solved improper fraction. … An improper fraction is when the numerator (the number on top) is higher than the denominator (the number on the bottom).